• Tom Fletcher

There Has Never Been a Better Time To Become An Entrepreneur Then Now!

The stars are aligned and it's the perfect time to become an entrepreneur. Why am I so confident there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur then now?

Hear me out!

Between 1948 - 2000 jobs grew 1.7 times faster than the population. Since 2000, the population has grown 2.4 times faster than jobs. This statistic alone could beg the question, "Is it better to have a job or is it better to be an entrepreneur?"

What about the safety of a career and working for a business organization? Well, do you have an "at-will" employment contract? Most large companies in the United States require you to have one on file with HR. Let's imagine you've been working in the accounting department at a large firm for 15 years, so you feel pretty secure in your career. Today you get a call from your boss for a meeting in 30 minutes. When you walk in to the meeting room you not only see your boss but you also see the Human Resource Manager sitting in the chair facing the doorway. When you sit down you're told due to cost-cutting measures the firm has decided to outsource your job to India and your services are no longer needed.

In an instant you're officially unemployed. What are your options?

Your network of accounting contacts has dried up because in the ever-maturing global economy, jobs like yours are rapidly being moved to foreign locations.

Well, that could never happen to you in the middle of your career? There probably is some risk that could happen, but compared to the risk of venturing out on your own as an entrepreneur there is no comparison, right? Not so fast.

We've been taught that traditional careers have always been safer and historical trends will back you up on that. One problem with relying on historical trends though. It's based on just that..., the past.

"What was once safe is now risky, and what was once risky is now safe."

Taylor Pearson, from his best-selling book,The End of Jobs

The internet has made it possible to start a business for very little money. Take for example the story behind Airbnb. For the cost of a website and spreading the word around about a new way to sleep during travel, Airbnb has more rooms available today then Marriott and Hilton put together. How much does it cost to build a new hotel now-a-day anyways?

Entrepreneurship used to be an unobtainable goal. Today, it is not only obtainable, but also may be the most logical career choice. Not convinced?

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